Meet the Fleet

  • W6 RRT

    W6 RRT was purchased new from ERF in 2000. She was always destined for the recovery fleet and the chassis was ordered ready specified for the Century equipment. Under the hood is a Cummins 14 litre engine which boasts 525 horse power, and makes all the right noises through its twin exhaust stacks. The equipment is designed mainly for “lift and shift” suspended tow recovery. This particular vehicle also has two winches and side-winders which enable winching to be carried out at up to 90 degrees.

  • VO63 HYR

    VO63 HYR is a Ford F450 with Boniface car recovery equipment. She is the newest edition to the recovery fleet and was bought due to our rapidly increasing amount of car recovery work. This vehicle makes light and quick work out of moving cars thanks to its specialist on board equipment.

  • S275 PNK

    S275 PNK is a freightliner with  an 8.3 litre straight six engine. In a recovery business, it’s great to have trucks with huge engines packing stacks of brake horse power, but with the rising cost of fuel you have to keep an eye on your miles per gallon. This is where the freightliner comes in. She is smaller and lighter than the other lift and shifts on the fleet, and is perfect for distance work without having to despair at the fuel gauge. Narrow lanes and small accesses are also made possible thanks to this vehicle.

  • K6RRT

    K6RRT is a slide bed recovery vehicle with Hiab and spec lift. She was one of the first ERF EC tractor units made, and was in fact used in an ERF EC launch promotion here at Richard Read Commercials in 1993. The vehicle was purchased new from ERF as a 4 x 2 tractor unit and spent the first 6 years of her life on haulage duties, mainly hauling coke in South Wales.

    In 1999, the company decided that she was ready for a career change. The vehicle underwent major surgery in our workshops. The chassis was lengthened to accommodate the slide bed body and an additional axle was installed to give the required gross vehicle weight. There was a great deal of complex plumbing involved to get the three different applications running off just one power take off. The end result is a clearly unique vehicle capable of dealing with a whole range of situations. This vehicle is the truck equivalent of a Swiss army knife.

  • E542 GRK

    E524 GRK was purchased in 1997. She was a tractor unit when she arrived, although the company had other plans for her. The only way was UP for this vehicle – up quite literally! The original front and rear axles were removed and replaced with a 4 wheel drive set up which came courtesy of a donor Scammel 8X4 waste wheeler. Holmes recovery equipment was installed on her back, and the front bumper was modified to take snow plough equipment. There was some modification work needed to the entry steps due to the increased height. Once given a lick of paint in our paintshops, she was ready to go and inherited the name “Swampy.” She has been used in numerous off road situations and fulfils her snow plough duties each winter.

    Those who attended Truckfest Malvern in 2013, will have seen Lisa Kelly from Ice Road truckers driving her in a challenge in the arena.

  • 550 TGX

    550TGX is a 2002 vehicle and was the first MAN recovery vehicle on the fleet. She was bought in 2004 as a 6x4 double drive tractor unit. The bogie was removed and a chassis modification was carried out in our Longhope workshops to facilitate the installation of NRC Industries recovery equipment. The equipment is multi-purpose as the vehicle is capable of both lift and shift suspended tows and has a 180 degree extendable crane.